About Us

The famous aviation pioneer Alliott Verdon Roe founded the Avro Golf Society in 1910. The course was gradually developed by keen golfers working at AV Roe/BAE Systems with the club becoming affiliated to the English Golf Union in 1980.  

Avro Golf in Woodford celebrated its 40th year in 2020 and its Greens team continue to work to improve and develop the attractive and enjoyable course.  Set in the heart of Woodford, golfers can enjoy a peaceful setting on the edge of the Cheshire countryside.

As a member’s club, we work hard to be all-inclusive fostering an environment for making new golfing friends. There are active Sections for all ages. There are regular club-wide competitions, where all members are encouraged to take part – these can be individual or team competitions, low key and relaxed or fiercely competitive! Our Captains also host Charity fundraiser golf events throughout the summer which are popular with everyone. Avro’s Clubhouse is a comfortable and relaxed setting for both social and after-golf events.

We encourage lapsed and new players into the game, and our annual spring and summer Coaching and Academy  programme has been well received and very successful.