Course Overview

Whether you are an experienced golfer or new to the game, the golf course in Woodford provides varied and interesting golf for players of all abilities.


Each hole is unique and brings its own challenges and rewards. Experienced golfers will have to play accurate golf if they want to hit long drives. But everyone should find it an interesting course calling upon a full range of shots.

If time dictates that you simply want to play nine holes, or go for the full eighteen, then the Club’s ten greens and eighteen tees await you.

Avro Golf Course
The 1st & 10th (par 4) tees guide you up a gentle incline to where you will see the pin in the distance. This is guarded by two bunkers – one across the fairway to trap the long hitters and another to the front and right of the green. The left side of the fairway is lined with trees and rough while to the left of the green is a downslope which will test pitching abilities should you be overzealous or unfortunate enough to go down it!

The 2nd and 11th (par 4) tees are reached by following a short path down through the trees. The fairway has a sharp dogleg left to the green. A bunker in the centre of the fairway awaits unwary golfers while the second shot to the green needs to carry the pond which protects the front of the green. Too long, and you are in the rough behind the green! A lovely hole which will give you great satisfaction when played well.

Avro Golf Course

Our 3rd and 12th (par 3 for men; par 4 for ladies) is over 200 yards long and its generous fairway is targeted from two raised tees. The wide fairway is bordered to the left by an avenue of cherry trees. Again the green is guarded by two left side bunkers, while immediately behind the River Dean will penalise the careless long hitters.

The 4th hole (par 5) is the longest on the course at over 500 yds depending on tee position. There is a dogleg left (just after a drainage ditch which can catch out many). The second shot should stay clear of the hazards on the left and the oak tree which divides the 4th/ 6th fairways. (Here you will see the 13th green on the left at stroke index 1) Again bunkers to the right and left guard the green.

Hole 4 Avro Golf Club

The 5th and 14th (par 3) holes are to an elevated green from tees immediately in front of a hazard. Driving to the right or the left may bring the bunkers into play, and further to right and left and you will encounter trees!

Hole 5 Avro Golf Club

The 6th and 15th (par 4) tees are again raised tees at different levels, hitting out to the fairway with a line of trees to the left and that oak tree (again) to the right. These are both holes with a dogleg into the right. The ideal line is centre of the fairway to give a clear route to the green which has trees left and behind and has a tall oak standing sentry duty to the front right of the green.

Hole 6 Avro Golf Club

The 7th (par 3) and 16th (par 3 for men/4 for ladies) are relatively straightforward holes. There is a fairway bunker some distance in front of the domed green and another at front right of the putting surface. The avenue of cherry trees again provide the left border of the fairway while out of bounds awaits unwary golfers who stray too far right.

Hole 7 Arvo Golf Club

The 8th and 17th (par 4) tees are immediately behind the clubhouse and run parallel to the entrance road. Out of bounds to the right stretches all the way to the green while there is no penalty for drifting left on the 9th /18th fairway. The only bunker on this hole sits to the immediate left of the green.

Hole 8 Avro Golf Club

The 9th and 18th (par 5) holes take you down beyond the clubhouse. It’s over 500 yds and out of bounds starts approximately half-way down the fairway on the left to protect golfers coming up the 8th/17th.

Trees on the right as you approach the green can impede your shot if you happen to err that way and there are two bunkers at front left and to the right of the green to keep you focused.